I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way

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Breaking Bad except instead of a chemistry teacher Walter White is an art teacher and instead of cooking meth he starts taking hentai commissions on DeviantArt

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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im fucking bored as shit … so .. this happened .… . .

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will you still love me when i’m no longer young and image

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"I nominate Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring." [via]

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be a pal and like people’s text posts. reblog their selfies. respond to their questions. even if you don’t know the answer and even if you’ve never really talked to them before. there’s nothing worse that feeling alone on a website where everyone promotes love and friendship.

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My goal is to be very, very cute but also very, very spooky

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